About Us

Why we are doing this ....

Whatever your professions, whether you are a tutor, a headhunter, insurance agent, CEO,  IT programmer - you are value adding to the MARKET because of your skill sets.

Each of us is a business unit trying to value add to the market with a skill and the market pays us for this skill .  How much we get paid depends on how good or efficient we are.

1. You are identified as an entrepreneur when you formed a company to operate a VALUE ADD
2. You  become an employee when you are a team member of a company
3. You are a Freelancer when you operate on your own  

When you provide a Value Add, you are a business unit.  Hence each of us needs to understand business fundamentals.


Business fundamentals 

1. Business is about serving your customers - you need to IDENTIFY what is are VALUE-ADDING

2. Business is COMPETITIVE so you need to be EFFICIENT in your processes

Forget about looking for short cut to success because the 2 points above requires focus and disciplined and that's TIRING.

However it is not TIRING if you like your job!!


So what's CareerMinded all about ?

CareerMinded.com was set up with a vision to help people find a suitable career (value add) that matches his or her passion and constraints.

By compiling a comprehensive directory of education providers, career counsellors, and employment agencies, users can now easily access to their services with a few minutes of research within the website.

We also compile successful stories of self made individuals and quotes of wisdom to keep our users motivated and inspired. 

We like to do as much as we can for our CareerMinded users, so please email to kim@CareerMinded.com if you have any comment or feedback.