Swabbers job description

Swabbers (and swabbing assistants) are highly demanded to support Covid-19 swab testing efforts.

The Ministry of Health said successful candidates will start off as swab assistants with a monthly salary of $3,400. Those who become swabbers after training and assessment will earn $3,800 a month.

Typical Duties & Responsibilities:

# Perform nasopharyngeal swab procedures - a method of collecting clinical test samples from the back of the nose and throat by inserting a swab into the nostril.

# Check clients for any respiratory symptoms and coordinating with doctors to swab and attend to isolated clients who have declared positive for respiratory symptoms.

# Postings can be to places such as community recovery facilities, government quarantine facilities and nursing homes.

# Rotation of six working days a week for six months with the option to extend for another three months.

# Medically fit with no history of chronic diseases

# Proficient in English and one mother tongue

# Able to work in shifts or extended hours and over weekends if required

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