About Us

Full time jobs are getting harder to come by as more and more employers are going for short term engagement. There is a fast and growing trend where people are seeking Flexible Employment to have better life balance.

Is Life Balance a reality where one can make money, be happy, and have flexible work hours? It is now a proven reality, and thanks to the Internet or digital technology. We are building a platform to let you achieve all these 3 dreams.

Introducing CareerMinded.com

A new way of looking at your career!

First you must find out what you are to be good at. Usually what you are good at doing is also what you enjoy doing. You could be good at doing more than 1 thing. For instance you can be tutor and property agent or photographer.

CareerMinded.com helps you find the “jobs” or “gigs”. We will be gathering all the employers and agencies who are looking for the services you are good at.

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